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Auerbach Was Right: A Computational Study of the Odyssey and the Gospels

In the “Fortunata” chapter of his landmark study, Mimesis: The Representation of Reality, Eric Auerbach contrasts two representations of reality, one found in the New Testament Gospels, the other in texts by Homer and a few other classical writers. As with much of Auerbach’s writing, the sweep of his generalizations is broad. Long excerpts are chosen from […]

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American/Australian tour In March-April 2014, I’ll be in the USA giving a series of talks and conference presentations based around Visualising English Print, and our other work. In June I’ll be in Newcastle, Australia for the very exciting Beyond Authorship symposium. I’ll address a series of different themes in the talks, but I’ll use this […]

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Manuscript Average

Here’s a terrific post about examining manuscripts pages as image aggregates by Jesse Hurlbut, entitled “Manuscript Average.” Below, 331 folios from Guillaume Fillastre, La Toison d’Or, livre I, BNF Fr 138.

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New Image from Original Post from Google Books

We had a request for a clearer version of the image we discussed in our post last year, which shows changes in the catalogued subject of Library of Congress books over the course of several hundred years. Jon Orwant from Google was kind enough to send an updated image, which we’re sharing here. I include […]

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What is influence?

Offline, we’ve been discussing The New York Times‘ article on Matt Jockers’ work, and the notion that iterative/digital analysis might be able to track literary influence. My first reaction to these articles was that it would be hard to track something as high-level as influence with word counts. But then I remembered that I would […]

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