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What Do People Read During a Revolution?

These two visualizations spark two interesting questions: What do people read during a revolution? ¬†What is the connection between what people read and political events? Both images spike dramatically around moments of upheaval in the Western World: The English, American, and French Revolutions, the mid-19th-century Europe-wide overthrow of governments, and World War I, to name […]

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Google n-grams and Philosophy: Use Versus Mention

Well, the Google n-gram corpus is out, and the world has been introduced to a fabulous new intellectual parlor game. Here are a few searches I ran today which deal with philosophers and philosophical terms: A lot of people are going to be playing with this tool, and I think there are some genuine discoveries […]

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Shakespearean Dendrograms

Dendrogram produced in JMP on PC1 and PC2 using covariance matrix and Ward’s There is another way to visualize the degrees of similarity or dissimilarity among the items we’ve been analyzing in Shakespeare’s Folio plays. A dendrogram, which looks like a family tree, is a two dimensional representation of similarities derived from a statistical technique […]

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King or no [King]

A discussion of what a “superficial” indicator of literary genre might be — for example, the word “King” in the speech prefixes of Shakespeare’s histories — and why might or might not want to exclude such indicators in the statistical study of genres.

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