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What Do People Read During a Revolution?

These two visualizations spark two interesting questions: What do people read during a revolution?  What is the connection between what people read and political events? Both images spike dramatically around moments of upheaval in the Western World: The English, American, and French Revolutions, the mid-19th-century Europe-wide overthrow of governments, and World War I, to name […]

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The Funniest Thing Shakespeare Wrote? 767 Pieces of the Plays

Now for something a little different. I mentioned before that we can conduct similar analyses on pieces of the plays rather than the plays as a whole. In this experiment, I have been working with 1000 word chunks of Shakespeare plays, which allows me to use many more variables in the analysis. (This was the […]

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Love’s Labour’s Lost: The History

This passage from the Open Source Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost shows language patterns that push the play into the area where the Histories cluster, something visible in the scatterplot discussed below. Returning to the taxonomy  of Docuscope, this passage has a lot of Description strings combined with a relative lack of Interaction and First Person strings, […]

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