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Penalty Kicks and Distributed Movement

Gabriel Dias, graduate student at RPI, has recently modeled the way in which penalty kickers move their bodies as they prepare for a shoot. His findings suggest that there are several “tells” – for example, the angle of the hips, or the position of the planted foot – which predict the ultimate direction of the […]

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Presentation at London Forum for Authorship Studies/Digital Text and Scholarship Seminar

Jonathan Hope and I presented here in London on a trip arranged by Brian Vickers and Willard McCarty. It was a lovely occasion held in Senate House, attended by some we knew and others we got to know. We began by rolling out paper copies — six feet long scrolls! — of the very large […]

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Docuscope Goes Live on Shakespeare Quarterly Open Peer Review

Jonathan Hope and I have written a new piece that we submitted to the special issue of Shakespeare Quarterly on “Shakespeare and New Media.” The essay cleared the first stage of editorial review, and is now posted at MediaCommons for general comment and critique prior to final editorial evaluation. Please visit the essay here and […]

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Rhythm Quants: Burial, Click Tracks, Genre Tempo

Graham has posted a new video by one of my favorite artists over at Object Oriented Philosophy. Burial is a London DJ whose work often gets filed under the label “dubstep,” a variety of post-house electronica that appeared several years ago. I like dubstep a lot, and this video actually captures something of its unsteady, […]

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The Musical Mood of the Country

This morning the New York Times published a story today about a group of mathematicians who are counting types of words in popular songs in order to get a handle on something like the mood of the country. In trying to data-mine mood, they do what all people who count things do: move from something […]

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