This is a list of publications by Michael Witmore and Jonathan Hope (and collaborators) relating to the themes of this blog.

If publications are open access on-line, there will be a link to them.

Other publications will have full details and (where possible) a downloadable pre-print version. If we have posted something you think we shouldn’t have, please contact us to request it be taken down (


Jonathan Hope and Michael Witmore, “The very large textual object: a prosthetic reading of Shakespeare”, Early Modern Literary Studies, 9.3, Special Issue 12, January 2004, 6.1-36


Michael Witmore and Jonathan Hope, “Shakespeare by the Numbers: On the Linguistic Texture of the Late Plays”, in Subha Mukherji and Raphael Lynne, eds, Early Modern Tragicomedy, Cambridge, D.S. Brewer, 2007, pp. 133-153  PDF: Witmore Hope 2007


Jonathan Hope and Michael Witmore, “The hundredth psalm to the tune of ‘Green Sleeves’: Digital Approaches to the Language of Genre”, Shakespeare Quarterly, 61, no. 3, Fall 2010, pp. 357-90 PDF: 05.61.3.Hope.Witmore.Color


Michael Witmore and Jonathan Hope, “Après le déluge, More Criticism: Philology, Literary History and Ancestral Reading in the Coming Post-Transcription World”, Renaissance Drama, 40, 2012, pp. 135-50 PDF: HopeWitmoreApresDeluge WNW2


Jonathan Hope and Michael Witmore, “The Language of Macbeth”, chapter in Macbeth: The State of Play, edited by Ann Thompson, London, Bloomsbury (Arden), 2014, pp. 183-208 PDF: Macbeth language HW2014

Jonathan Hope et Michael Witmore, « Quantification and the language of later Shakespeare »Actes des congrès de la Société française Shakespeare [En ligne], 31 | 2014

Jonathan Hope and Michael Witmore, ‘Hamlet in Five Words‘, Globe to Globe Hamlet Blog



forthcoming (pre-print versions which may have slight differences from the final published versions)

Anupam Basu, Jonathan Hope, and Michael Witmore, forthcoming, ‘Networks and Communities in the Early Modern Theatre’,  in Roger Sell and Anthony Johnson (eds), Community-making in Early Stuart Theatres: Stage and Audience  (Ashgate) WH7 Networks and Communities

Michael Witmore, Jonathan Hope, and Michael Gleicher, forthcoming, ‘Digital approaches to Shakespearean tragedy’, in Michael Neill and David Schalkwyk (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Shakespearean Tragedy (Oxford)


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