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Rhythm Quants: Burial, Click Tracks, Genre Tempo

Graham has posted a new video by one of my favorite artists over at Object Oriented Philosophy. Burial is a London DJ whose work often gets filed under the label “dubstep,” a variety of post-house electronica that appeared several years ago. I like dubstep a lot, and this video actually captures something of its unsteady, […]

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Keeping the Game in Your Head: David Ortiz

I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I did grow up in the suburbs of Boston and so like the Red Sox. Over the weekend I saw a story in the Times about David Ortiz, who went from being a fabulous home run hitter to someone who couldn’t really connect with the ball and so […]

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Four-Syllable Rock n’ Roll

Certain things can be counted without a parsing device, for example four-syllable words in rock n’ roll songs. I have often wondered why there are so many one syllable words in rock songs, and have a pet theory for this. Rock lyrics favor Anglo-Saxon words rather than Latinate words — the former have a more […]

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The Musical Mood of the Country

This morning the New York Times published a story today about a group of mathematicians who are counting types of words in popular songs in order to get a handle on something like the mood of the country. In trying to data-mine mood, they do what all people who count things do: move from something […]

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Spectralism, Maya Lin Show at Corcoran

Two items worth mentioning: today I had a chance to hear the new record from the Steve Lehman Quartet called Travail, Transformation and Flow, which shows off some of what is new in spectralism, an aesthetic that involves analyzing a tone from a single instrument with a computer and developing improvisations out of its overtone […]

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