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Scotland’s Collections and the Digital Humanities

On 2nd May 2014 I’m presenting at the second event in this series, entitled ‘Working with Data’. This post is intended mainly for those who come to the session as a record of links I’ll mention, and a resource for those starting out in text analysis. It may also be useful for others as a […]

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American/Australian tour In March-April 2014, I’ll be in the USA giving a series of talks and conference presentations based around Visualising English Print, and our other work. In June I’ll be in Newcastle, Australia for the very exciting Beyond Authorship symposium. I’ll address a series of different themes in the talks, but I’ll use this […]

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#MuchAdo #AboutData

#MuchAdo #AboutData update 4 Emma Pallant writes: Many intriguing things to respond to in recent postings by Jonathan and Heather, but I’ll begin with the observation that chimes most clearly with the work we’ve been doing in the rehearsal room this week. The strongest note of recognition comes from the increased usage of terms of address […]

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Macbeth: The State of Play

We have a new chapter on the language of Macbeth which appears in this book from Arden. The chapter surveys previous work on the language of the play, and then offers some new analysis we’ve done, chiefly using WordHoard. Along the way, we consider the role of word frequency in literary analysis, and especially the word […]

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What is influence?

Offline, we’ve been discussing The New York Times‘ article on Matt Jockers’ work, and the notion that iterative/digital analysis might be able to track literary influence. My first reaction to these articles was that it would be hard to track something as high-level as influence with word counts. But then I remembered that I would […]

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