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Visualizing English Print, 1530-1800, Genre Contents of the Corpus

Some features of the corpus, visualized here over time. Many of the linguistic and topical trends that we find in this data set will express the state of the corpus at a given moment in time. I have divided up the time series into groups containing three decades apiece. The visualization above displays the relative […]

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Visualizing English Print, 1530 -1800: The Corpus, Tag Sets, and Topics

Here begins a series of posts on a larger dataset we have been studying at Wisconsin under the auspices of “Visualizing English Print, 1530-1800,” a Mellon funded research project that brings together computer scientists and literary scholars from several institutions — UW, Madison, Strathclyde University (U.K.), and the Folger Shakespeare Library. A profile of the […]

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Manuscript Average

Here’s a terrific post about examining manuscripts pages as image aggregates by Jesse Hurlbut, entitled “Manuscript Average.” Below, 331 folios from Guillaume Fillastre, La Toison d’Or, livre I, BNF Fr 138.

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Fuzzy Structuralism

Several years ago I did some experiments with Franco Moretti, Matt Jockers, Sarah Allison and Ryan Heuser on a set of Victorian novels, experiments that developed into the first pamphlet issued by the Stanford Literary Lab. Having never tried Docuscope on anything but Shakespeare, I was curious to see how the program would perform on […]

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